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Wednesday 31 May 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Athletics, Sports


Aitutaki athletics is experiencing a resurgence and the rise of emerging talent.

Aitutaki Sports Association president Potini Regina Potini has congratulated those involved after receiving an update from Athletics Cook Islands president Simone Fe’ao.

“It's truly inspiring to witness the resurgence of the sport and the emerging talent on our beautiful island,” Potini said.

Fe’ao said, “I am encouraged by the resurgence of athletics in Aitutaki over the last 12 months and the talent that is emerging.

“We have been working closely with Tuaine Rota and Pi David Jnr to assist where we can and support the growth in athletics.”

Secretary for the Aitutaki Athletics Association Tuaine Tatira Rota said ongoing training on Monday and Tuesday evenings were being supported by two coaches, alongside parents who bring their children to the sessions.

“We are preparing for the big event that is coming up on Monday June 5 here in Aitutaki at the Araura College track and field. 

“This Event on the Island of Aitutaki has been long gone for almost 10 years or maybe more than that, this year the Aitutaki Athletics Association is trying to bring it back by giving it a try to run it. 

“This will be the first time the whole Island will come together again and witness our juniors, intermediate, open and masters athletes run, throw and jump on the day.” 

The Association had managed to get sponsors from multiple sources on Aitutaki.  

In delivering updates, Fe’ao said national throws coach Teaea Parima visited Aitutaki a couple of weeks ago to meet with the athletes and coaches, and provide some assistance for the development athletes in Aitutaki.

He would continue to provide guidance remotely and would seek opportunities for high performing athletes to compete both in Rarotonga and regionally.

“We have a full calendar of athletic events this year both domestically and internationally, and it is great to see our Aitutaki athletes are actively preparing to be a part of these,” Fe’ao said.

“In particular we look forward to a strong contingent of Aitutaki athletes for the Youth Championships in September to build on their momentum from last year.”

“For the first time in a while (maybe ever) we will be holding a Development Academy in Rarotonga 21-25 July for athletes, officials and coaches, and welcome Aitutaki participants to be a part of this.

“We will have our national coaches as well as two representatives from Oceania Athletics leading the academy. It will be a great opportunity for athlete development as well as getting coaches and officials qualified to World Athletics and Oceania Athletics standard.”

Potini was thrilled to hear about the visit from national throws coach Teaea Parima.

“His presence and assistance in Aitutaki, along with the guidance he will continue to provide remotely, will undoubtedly contribute to the development of our athletes.

“It's also fantastic to know that he will be seeking opportunities for high-performing athletes to compete both locally and regionally.

“Thank you for sharing the Athletics calendar for the year; it's wonderful to see a full schedule of domestic and international athletic events.

“The fact that our Aitutaki athletes are actively preparing to participate in these events showcases their dedication and determination.

“I'm particularly excited about the strong contingent of Aitutaki athletes for the Youth Championships in September, building upon their momentum from last year.”

Potini said it was exciting to see the implementation of new programmes in Aitutaki, “as they will encourage more children to engage in athletics, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun while being active”.