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23 January 2021

LETTERS: Pure Epetoma – the prayer week & NZ Quarantine diary

Monday 11 January 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Pure Epetoma – the prayer week & NZ Quarantine diary
A dead fish from Muri lagoon. Teuru Tiraa-Passfield/20123119

Letters - Monday January 11.

Dear Editor

As a longstanding and long recurring problem regarding our beloved Muri lagoon green algae and sea weeds, smell and so forth, then of late a much greater and sadder scenario with marine life dying sure does pose huge worry and concern not just for our Ngati Tangiia community but for us all.

Tapere Tikioki in Titikaveka had a longstanding fish poisoning effect too several years to date. I raise my hat off to our ministries of environment, marine, infrastructure and all other private community stakeholders who offered the lending hands and machineries to help and assist in the recovery and restoration processes of yester years implemented.

Like our CICC common and normal first week into the New Year ‘Pure Epetoma – Prayer Week’, for divine protection from the incurring cyclones of the season November through March, which some of our neighbouring islands of Fiji and Samoa have sadly and unfortunately already been hit.

All other churches are similarly in tune doing the same for another cyclone free year 2021. So much blessed, being measle free, Covid free, can we still remain cyclone free? Why not?

I am somewhat prompted and appealing to all our Christian community to launch out in our own individual ways that we best know how, and what we know best to do, trusting in the power of prayer to our Almighty God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I had gone on television last Thursday evening to launch a spiritual prayer walk on Monday, January 11 all along the beach from the Ngatangiia CICC Church in Avana at 5pm to as far as Papaaroa in Titikaveka and back.

Incorporated in our prayer commitments are – 1) for a free fish poisoning Tikioki lagoon, 2) sea surge to cleanse, revitalise, restore and replenish our Avana, Muri and Parengaru lagoons.

All are invited to join, let our Lord and Almighty God of Creation help us as we step out in faith, trusting Him to do the rest that He knows best how and when.

His Word in Hebrews 11: 1 declares, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin” – James 4: 17. Ka pure, ka irinaki, ka pati ki te Mana Katoatoa e rauka mai ei te ora e te tauturu. Amene!

Bishop Tutai Pere

Quarantine diary

Dear Editor,

It is day 10, four days to go until we leave quarantine. Yesterday (Saturday) the hotel closed down while they moved out a big group from the US who had completed their time. We were closed down again this morning (yesterday) to take in a new lot, mainly from the US.

We have a lot of children in the hotel and it is fortunate there is a car park for them to run around with. The car park is open to all guests from 6am to 9pm and is carefully controlled by both army, and security forces, while a police officer is permanently stationed on the perimeter. Everyone is watching you to make sure you keep your social distance.

Inside the hotel there is a lot of attention paid to keeping the virus isolated. Sterilisation bottles everywhere, masks must be worn outside your room, navy officers check you in and out of the lobby area. It really makes you appreciate how fortunate we have been living in Raro for the last nine months.

Despite the precautions being taken, there have been several cases of people catching the virus in quarantine, and health authorities in NZ are conscious they don’t yet know how effective these protocols will be in preventing an outbreak of the UK virus mutation.

Overnight there has been a big surge in the number of cases in quarantine from the new UK mutation. Despite what our government thinks, I don’t think the virus knows the difference between Cook Islanders and other people in quarantine. Everyone is being very careful. None of us want to pass the virus on to our families in NZ, particularly if they are about to go back to Raro.

Meanwhile meals have improved. We now get two cooked meat meals every

day, too much food really. Roast chicken, roast beef, kumara and veges. We can

also order extra food and get it delivered from Countdown, or Uber Eats, as long as you have a credit card. We ordered a couple of cheap folding chairs from the Warehouse so we can sit outside in the carpark and get some fresh air. In a way we are having a good rest. So if you are coming to NZ, this is not as bad as we originally thought. It just takes a bit of getting used to. Keep safe!

Reuben & Noovai Tylor

In quarantine