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Letters: Communication breakdown

Wednesday 15 November 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Letters: Communication breakdown

Dear Editor, Is it too difficult for national federations/CISNOC (Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee) to name teams/managers/coaches/entertainers etc who are representing the country at this month’s Pacific Games in Solomon Islands?

We’ve been attending (South) Pacific Games since 1963 but I feel that our sports officials really haven’t learned anything about how to communicate effectively to the public (who basically help to fund our athletes). 

Back in 1971, the country was connected together by an AM radio network. But when the two boats carrying athletes left in early September for the SPG in Tahiti, hundreds of people were at Avatiu wharf to see the sports representatives off. 

The very least that I would expect from the National Federations/CISNOC would be to name the team members/individuals to Honiara, and while over there, provide regular updates/scores, and standings at the end of competition. 

My frustration got the better of me over the past weekend with the country being represented at the Oceania rugby sevens in Brisbane. There was nothing on the teams from CIRU (Cook Islands Rugby Union) and because the men’s team fared better than the women, there was no ‘news’ on the latter’s participation at the tournament. I’m not too sure if the players in Brisbane are the same players going to Honiara.

It is about time that the codes file full reports on their participation at overseas events. 

One code – when it sends teams overseas – is notorious for posting ‘we’re doing very well’ updates but provide no results especially when it is not doing very well!

It is 2023 now – not 1971. We have the technology and means to communicate news and results to those in the homeland. Why not start now!

Moana Moeka’a

Ruatonga, Rarotonga

Team Cook Islands uniform

The unveiling of Pacific Games uniform shows a nice design, if this is a national uniform why isn’t it darker green and white? It looks Australia or South African. Tonga is red and white Fiji has a light blue, Samoa navy blue and white – they always use the same colours. Australia green and yellow, NZ is always black with a silver fern. They don’t keep changing colours so now the world recognises them.

Our colours are darker green and white, let’s keep it green and white. We don’t have yellow stars; we have white ones. Change the motif patterns but not our national colours.

(Name and address supplied)