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Letter: Water meters are essential for saving water and protecting our communities

Wednesday 1 November 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Letter: Water meters are essential for saving water and protecting our communities

All meter systems have a sole and singular reason and purpose whether in an air, sea, rail and road automobiles; electrical, electronic, solar, wind, hydro, oil, petrol, battery driven and so forth. Even our personal mobiles, computers, satellites and so forth all measure speed, safety levels, balance and all needed control for security and lifesaving precautionary measures. Without them, all equipment or machineries will head for disaster.

I’ve lived for a short while with our local Fijian Pastor in Pacific Harbour on mainland Fiji as far back as 1990. Interestingly enough, the last person in our household to go to bed must ensure that our watermain along our main road must be shut off to save our water use and consumption should there be water leakages in our kitchen, bathroom or anywhere and to even shut our water meter usage down. That’s plain and simple common sense and wisdom.

When we built our house in Kainganui Road, Kavera, back in 2004, we made sure we got T&M Heather to put a 15,000-litre concrete tank underground as substitute to our water main. We also installed four water tanks at Church in Tupapa, equipped with UV Safe for drinking water, so that anyone in our neighbourhood could come for water, even for showering and laundry if needed.

How often and how much longer will we hear and listen to the voices and cries of so many people, households, and taperes (mainly those on high grounds) complaining about water shortage or low pressure, often lasting for even weeks and months? The worst and ongoing inhumane and senseless scenario is when people do not care about saving water by constantly checking for unnecessary leaks or inconsiderate uses within their own households, neighbourhoods, and communities for the sake of the less fortunate.

If we are such a non-caring, inconsiderate, irresponsible, and unaccountable community of people, then water meters are a must and definitely life-saving for every household, hotel, motel, and tourist accommodation, too – except for our welfare centres like hospitals, schools, colleges, and handicap and vulnerable health centres.

Congratulations to Mauke island.  On a recent trip I found out that they have the most efficient ground water solar pumping system and also the safest, cleanest, freshest drinking water in our country and perhaps the whole world. Go try it for yourself – tei mua kotou e Akatokamanava.

Bishop Tutai Pere