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Letter: Walking the talk

Monday 19 June 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Letter: Walking the talk

Dear Editor, We will find out today whether the recent review of the budget by the Public Accounts Committee was a waste of time or not.

I just cannot see what effect any recommendation made by six or seven MPs, is going to have overall on the budget which comes up for debate in Parliament today.  

I note the recommendation made in the PAC’s annual review (Cook Islands News 29 May 2023) that ministries/agencies which fail to update their annual reports, should be penalised and not receive their 2023/24 appropriations.  

Well, I would put the question back to the previous mayor and three former heads of ministries, who are sitting on the PAC – did you ever have your annual reports furnished on time? 

Parliament is supposed to debate the budget for 10 sitting days. I hope the MPs are still there on Friday 30 June. I believe MPs are still 10 days behind in their proposed 40-sitting-days schedule for the 2023 calendar year (CIN 30 March 2023).  

I also note the suspension (for the second time!) of the deputy prime minister’s appointment as a minister of the crown (CIN 15 June 2023).  

One only has to look at New Zealand over the past few months and see how they treat cabinet ministers and officials at the slightest whiff of trouble. 

It’s about having trust, integrity and accountability in the public service system.  

If those at the top do not appear to be serious about what they say or do, then who should be.  

Moana Moeka’a