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LETTERS: Cabinet lineup and inflation

Thursday 8 September 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


LETTERS: Cabinet lineup and inflation

Dear Editor,

Did anyone notice the lineup surrounding Prime Minister Mark Brown in the first Cabinet photo (‘Let’s get to work’, Wednesday September 7, 2022). Flanked on one side by a convicted criminal on the other another charged and waiting for his court case. Further down one wanted for arrest in New Zealand and on the other side one stood down with pay for misconduct as HOM (head of ministry) before being rewarded with government position. What a lineup.

(Name and address supplied)

Wonderful irony on the front page of Cook Islands News, September 7, 2022. Huge headlines regarding freight subsidy for the (mainly) Northern group, to assist with massive cost increases … no problem with that, as they certainly deserve that, and more!

However, also on the front page is a great photo of the first Cabinet meeting, including the Hon (Robert) Tapaitau in a position of honour, who has been pocketing some $50,000 over and above his MP salary as member for Penrhyn – compliments of PM Mark Brown. He has not been doing the DPM job, so no way can that obscene extra pay out be justified except in political terms. However, in a way of balancing a very lopsided situation,  he could perhaps do the right thing and offer to give back the entire amount he has been paid into subsidising the Penrhyn people – that $50,000 would really make a huge difference in subsidising the cost of living up north, and show in real dollars terms that he really cares for his constituents.

Political Police

(Name and address supplied)

Avarua Town Plan

All l can say is manea, but? Yeah there’s always a but! Plan it well because when the Almighty above sends his hurricane through, there is nothing going to stop it. That’s how it is in the islands, it doesn’t matter we get the best architect designer or whatever. Spend wisely on something that can withstand God’s creation because man made things never last. If this is going to take place, plan it well, is all l can say.

Pa Matapo


This project can be easily paid by the people of the Cook Islands if you all get behind the Government of the day. The Cook Islands is sitting on minerals in their own sea worth trillions of dollars. Don’t need borrowing from World Bank but the bank might need help from Cook Islands people in the future.

Work harder and play smarter Hon. Prime Minister – the Cooks have the resources and wealth, use it or you lose it.

Alfred Wichman