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11 November 2022

‘Cyclone proof’ building for Manihiki

Tuesday 7 March 2023 | Written by Matthew Littlewood | Published in National, Outer Islands


‘Cyclone proof’ building for Manihiki
Manihiki Island Council celebrates the opening of their new building. SUPPLIED/23030609

The Manihiki Island Council’s new building will be able to withstand major cyclones, according to the island’s mayor.

A special opening ceremony was held for the building in Tauhunu on February 23, while the island council held its first meeting in the new building on February 28.

Manihiki Island Council mayor Ngamata Napara said it was a “very exciting” time for both the island council staff and Manihiki’s Bank of the Cook Islands branch, who will both be housed in the building.

“It should be able to cater for better services for the people of Manihiki,” Napara said.

In 1997, Cyclone Martin wiped out much of the island, including its municipal chambers.

Napara said concrete reinforcement have been carried out to help withstand the impacts of tropical cyclones and strong winds.

“This is very important for everyone, particularly those who have memories of cyclone Martin,” she said.

The new Manihiki Island Council building will be able to withstand strong tropical cyclones. SUPPLIED/23030610

With budget approval of $580,000 for the project, the new administration building has an open planned office space, a conference room, two office spaces and staff amenities. It will deliver core public services and accommodate 10 public servants, as well as Bank of the Cook Islands staff.

Construction of the new Manihiki Island Administration Building began in May last year.

Cook Islands Investment Corporation (CIIC) engaged contractors and staff (predominantly Manihiki based or of Manihiki heritage) and sourced materials from Cook Islands suppliers to deliver the project.

“By the end of the week, all staff should be moved into the building, it’s been a significant project and we’re all really pleased to see it completed,” Napara said.


Arthur Neale on 11/03/2023

Note correction on your reporting: The building used by Government for administrative, justice and radio communication (BCI office) was not "wiped out" by cyclone Martin. It was demolished by the reconstruction project to make way for a new road and new power cable.