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Friday 31 March 2023 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Crime, Local, National


Security service says CCTV not enough to prevent crimes
Chris Denny. 17113006

Cook Islands Security owner Chris Denny says CCTV cameras are not enough to stop or prevent people from breaking into a business premises or accommodations.

Denny said having a more efficient security service that patrols the premises could help reduce crime.

His comments follow a recent burglary at Fave Store in Avarua, and a break in at Tereora College where a classroom was found trashed and school equipment damaged.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt said that detectives are continuing with the investigations. He could not comment further on the investigations.

Denny said the security service would be happy to sit with the Minister for Education to discuss how the security team could assist in protecting schools.

He said this would prevent school damages that happened five years ago.

“When there is little crime everyone gets complacent and drops their security service to save money but sometimes the repercussions from doing so can be more costly from the business loss or replacing equipment.

“Fave and the school have cameras but they are not enough to act as a deterrent or prevention. You really need the patrol presence as most offenders don’t want to be face to face with an angry security officer.”

Denny reiterated that some holiday accommodations were saving money on security hoping that they won’t fall victim to such break ins.

“But the negative bad publicity from a traumatised guest is much more damaging to the industry once it gets on social media.”

Denny said: “I think these offenders know not to upset my CIS patrol officers that’s why they don’t target our clients. Our responsibility is to protect those who pay for our services only.”