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11 November 2022

Dr Tuaine Unuia appointed new Clerk of the House of Ariki

Tuesday 19 March 2024 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Crime, Local, National


Dr Tuaine Unuia appointed new Clerk of the House of Ariki
Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health Oral Health staff farewelled Dr Tuaine Unuia who has been employed by the dental services for 34 years. From left: Alfonzo Vaevaepare, Dr Seema Kumar – Dental Health Specialist, Dr Manoj Kumar, Dr Tuaine Unuia, Aroiva Akama, Director of Oral Health Dr Danny Areai, Dr Kirianu “Dash” Nio, and George Hosking. SUPPLIED/24031801

Dr Tuaine Unuia, clinical manager of Te Marae Ora Dental Clinic, has been appointed the new O-Tari-Kura o te Are Ariki (Clerk of the House of Ariki).

He replaces Tupuna Rakanui, who stepped down from the role after a decade.

Unuia is passionate, familiar and well informed in traditional culture. He carries the title of Anautoa Rangatira – the spokesperson for Makea Kaika George Ariki.

Last week, the incoming Clerk of the House of Ariki was farewelled and acknowledged for his 34 years of service by Te Marae Ora Oral Health staff led by Dr Danny Areai, director of Oral Health, at a special function at Café Ariki.

Unuia will begin his new role next week on Monday, March 25, for a term of three years.

Kaumaiti Nui Tou Travel Ariki, president of the House of Ariki, said for the first time the new O-Tari-Kura was selected through a new selection process.

The applications went to a panel and were whittled down to three.

The House of Ariki “Capacity Assessment Report April 2023” by Te Paepae Ropi’anga O Te Kavamani (Office of the Public Service Commissioner) states that Te O-Tari-Kura takes care of the operations of Te Are Ariki.

The responsibilities include:

  • Daily management;
  • Accounting and reporting on the POBOC funding provided for by the Crown;
  • Communicating with the members of the House on all matters relating to the House;
  • Coordinating the Conference of the House and all other major events (for example: kiriti maro tai, celebration of Ariki Day, etc.) undertaken by the House;
  • Calling meetings of the Executive of the House or any other meetings as required or requested, and keeping a record of such meetings and its outcomes;
  • Following up on the recommendations of the Conference of the House and any outcomes of any other meetings of the Executive of the House;
  • Liaising with government agencies on matters related to the resolutions of the House of Ariki Conference; and
  • Liaising with other partners on matters to progress the resolutions of the House of Ariki Conference.