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Beekeeping training opportunity for Cooks

Wednesday 1 February 2023 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Business, Local, National


Beekeeping training opportunity for Cooks
Henry Tupa extract bees from premises in Takuvaine using a smoker used to calm the bees. 20090115

The Cook Islands does not export honey but the Ministry of Agriculture says they would like to do so in the future.

Agriculture secretary Temarama Anguna-Kamana says they are working towards a pathway to export honey or honey products to the New Zealand market.

And with the aim to promote beekeeping in Rarotonga, the ministry is hosting a workshop at the Agriculture office in Arorangi today.  

Anguna-Kamana says the beekeeping training is especially for those who are keen to go into beekeeping, especially on a small scale.

She said the training is also an opportunity for three of Rarotonga's beekeepers who attended a beekeeping training programme in Fiji last year to explain what they learned, in the hope, beekeeping enthusiasts will take it on board. 

She said the workshop is geared for beginners.

She said around 19 people have indicated their interest to attend and they welcome more people who would be interested.

"On Rarotonga, there are about 12 beekeepers that we are aware off – all at different levels in Beekeeping," she said.

She added that on Mauke there are about five beekeepers.  

And on some islands, the hives belong to beekeepers from Rarotonga

Meanwhile, presenters at the training today will be Alistair Macquarie – a bee keeper and Omar Urirau – Ministry of Agriculture staff.

A practical session will be run at a later stage to compliment the workshop.  

Today's training is an introduction to beekeeping, identifying what a queen looks like, what the components of a hive entail, how to look after a hive, and matters of interest to bee keepers.

The training is from 5pm-6.30pm.