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Jetstar flight arrives in Raro short of passenger luggage

Friday 5 May 2023 | Written by Al Williams | Published in Economy, National


Jetstar flight arrives in Raro short of passenger luggage
The scene at Rarotonga International Airport as passengers disembarked from Jetstar's first flight to the Cook Islands in 2016. 16032204

Jetstar passengers to Rarotonga have been left in the lurch after their luggage did not arrive with them.

Mutiple passengers took to social media on Tuesday with complaints.

“A huge amount of luggage didn't arrive with passengers; what’s everyone doing and how successful has anyone been, hugely frustrating as can't get hold of Jetstar,” one said.

Cook Islands News contacted the airline with questions on Wednesday.

On Thursday, James Hancock, senior manager, external communications for Jetstar Airways confirmed the issue in writing.

“We couldn’t carry some passengers’ bags on JQ129 between Auckland and Rarotonga on Tuesday 2 May 2023 due to weather related weight restrictions.”

Hancock said not all bags could be loaded on their flight because weather conditions on the way “meant we needed to carry more fuel”.

“We know how annoying and inconvenient this must be for those affected and we’re sorry for the time it’s taken to deliver their bags. 

“Our customer team is working to deliver their bags as soon as possible and is reaching out to apologise and support those affected.”  

“We’re working to fly the bags to affected customers asap. “Also, I wanted to point out that our customer team is available every day from 6am to 10pm AEST to help customers with their bookings on live chat at or direct message


Mark Lockton on 05/05/2023

As a person who has been affected by this situation. Why was there no communication on the day of departure. If Jetstar were aware of “weather issues as they say” and had to make a call about extra fuel and less luggage. Why did they keep taking everyone’s luggage, why didn’t they communicate before departure with the passengers on the plane. There was no communication, we landed in Rarotonga, still no communication watched all the luggage go round and round still no communication. Then had to wait in line for a further hour to fill in paper work about our missing luggage. So many people have be displaced by this, families with kids like me, people who are competing can’t as there gear isn’t here. We have a wedding to attend today (05/05/23) and my bags and my wife’s have items in them for the wedding. Jetstar say go and buy what you need and we might repay you for those items. Not everyone has the money to do that.. so we buy stuff in the hopes that Jetstar will reimburse, great… But then once we’ve done that how do we pay for the other activities we wanted to do….