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11 November 2022

‘Reckless boys returning from nightclubs’ suspect in Makea Palace damage

Tuesday 24 January 2023 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Crime, National


‘Reckless boys returning from nightclubs’ suspect in Makea Palace damage
Makea Karika George Ariki shows the damages done to the picket fences at the Makea Karika Palace at Takuvaine Rd in Avarua. PHOTO: LOSIRENE LACANIVALU / 23012312/23012313

Makea Karika George Ariki is disappointed with the damages done to the Makea Karika Palace fences over the weekend.

He suspects some “reckless boys” returning from the nightclubs early Sunday morning responsible for the damages to the picket fences.

“It would have been after the closing of the night clubs. I noticed in the morning that it was damaged, pieces were all over the road,” he said disappointedly.

George Ariki said the damages have been happening since his mother’s time – the late Makea Karika Margaret Ariki (DBE). Then the culprits were children returning from swimming.

He said he had experienced this incident twice.

George Ariki said they had just repaired and repainted the fences (before Christmas last year) and it was disappointing to see people still damaging them.

He urged those who are behind this to “stop what they are doing, I can’t stand it anymore. I have to be harsh and call on the police to look for them”.

“It is annoying because I have done a lot of repairs to it and repainted it. It’s probably not only me, probably other places too.”

The fences damaged are located on a dark part of the street and he has called on the authorities to place another street light along those areas. Police confirmed that a complaint had been lodged and they were investigating the matter.

They suspect that the damages – planks of wood pulled off the fencing – may have happened over night.