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A family dynasty built on hard work and humility

Tuesday 25 June 2024 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Features


A family dynasty built on  hard work and humility
The extraordinary Anae kids and their proud mother Upokoina “Ina” Karika-Anae enjoy a wonderful holiday on the island. From left: Pati, Adora, Ina, Bradlee and Bradina Anae. 24062408

The Anae siblings, all elite athletes in their respective sports, credit their strong work ethic, instilled by their Cook Islander mother, for their success.

Having one or even two siblings who reach the pinnacle of their respective sports is already an exceptional achievement.

However, for an entire family of four siblings to attain elite athletic status is truly extraordinary and statistically quite uncommon.

The Anae siblings – Pati, Adora, Bradlee, and Bradina are shining examples of humility, talent, and dedication.

Hailing from Laie in Oahu, Hawai’i the siblings all credit their grounded upbringing to their mother, Cook Islander Upokoina “Ina” Karika-Anae (nee Karika), and father Brad Anae as the key to their success.

Their father Brad is a former American football defensive end and his family has a lineage of coaches.

The siblings are visiting Rarotonga with their mother to reconnect with their relatives and friends and work on the family home.

Their mother Ina says “I don’t think I’ve done anything unique with my kids - except for work ethic.”

She would tell them “You need to earn your day, if you want to play sports get in the yard, mow the lawn, or weed the garden, then you can go – you’ve earned your day.

“That was the mentality I gave to my kids, and that they take care of each other and support each other,” she said.

The Anae kids highlighted the support of their tight-knit family and the values of hard work, humility, and aroa that were instilled in them from a young age.

Pati, the eldest, is a former professional volleyball player who once played in Munich, Germany, and is currently coaching the sport at Portland State University. She holds a Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Adora is a professional volleyball player who has played in several countries including Ukraine, Puerto Rico, and Greece.

She competed at the 2018 Pan American Volleyball Cup with the United States women’s national volleyball team. This past season she played professionally in the Pro-League in America for Women’s volleyball.

Adora holds a Bachelor in Health Administration

Bradlee is an American football linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons in the National Football League. He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Finance.

Bradina “Dini” still holds the world record from 2022 at the United States Powerlifting Association’s Drug Tested Nationals, where she recorded a squat lift of 595 pounds, bench-pressed 358 pounds, and deadlifted 589 pounds, setting the all-time drug-tested female record.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Cinematography.

The Anae family is embracing the culture, family, and beauty of the island which they are proud to call their home.