New site to help customers manage data use

Friday 29 August 2014 | Published in Technology


New site to help customers manage data use
Many people have struggled to stay within their data limits since the arrival of fast internet in March. 14082812

Telecom Cook Islands is launching a new addition to its website to help customers manage their high-speed internet data usage.

Since the arrival of fast internet in March – powered by O3b and 3G mobile data – many people have struggled to stay within their data limits.

Cook Islands News has received numerous complaints from people who have somehow used excess data and consequently received unexpectedly high bills.

To help people monitor their usage, Telecom has created and will be launching a new site on Monday September 1.

“Customers will be able to view their Telecom internet account information in an easier, user-friendly way, with added features that will help customers understand when their internet is being used,” the company said.

The site includes a new report feature so customers can see the pattern of internet usage over the month and drill in to see what time of the day the internet was used.

Telecom said it recognises that customers need more facilities to help them understand and manage their usage.

“The introduction of the new site is part of a wider strategy including workshops, notifications and more features to be launched in October.”

To access the new site, customers should go to the Telecom home page and click on the button called ‘Want to check your Internet usage’ and follow the instructions.

The old site will be decommissioned, but will redirect for a while to allow people time to change their links and bookmarks.

Customers will need to use their existing user name and password to sign-in to the new site. Once signed in, customers can use the new portal to change their internet password, check their current plan and view the new reports.

“We urge customers to check out the new site to browse and enjoy the new features,” Telecom said.