What’s in the Telecom Sports Arena

Wednesday 12 August 2009 | Published in Sports


Saturday 8: Seat extensions

Indoor ‘outdoor’ seating at a sporting event is an experience that Cook Islanders and visitors will simply like or hate.

However, the designers have tried their best to give the spectators a full visual of what will happen on court inside the Telecom Sports Arena.

For the World Youth Netball Championship, the internal seating has to be retracted because of the world standard regulation regarding floor clearance from any obstacles including the spectators.

So as a first experience, spectators at the WYNC games will be seated along the two sides of the arena with limited seating at the main entrance.

Maximum seating for WYNC when two courts are being used is 400. However, for other events when more seats are required, the seating capacity is doubled at the touch of a button.

Ripa Tauia of Cook Islands Investment Corporation has been specifically trained to operate all roller doors and seating that extends out from underneath the outside doors.

The weightlifting corner

Tua Pittman on tour checks out the seating where the weightlifting events will take place. Because of the limited space the first three rows will be retracted to allow a lifting stage to be placed in front of these spectators.

A glass full of squash

Cook Islands squash players will be in full view when they take to the two new glass-backed squash courts in the Telecom Sports Arena.

Local players will need plenty of playing time on these courts to get used to the glass back, and spectators watching from below instead of from the top.

The gym

This bare room will become a complete gym with all the equipment one would want at any of the fitness gyms on Rarotonga.

In the meantime this will be used by the WYNC organisation for the tournament.

The control room

Project director John Strickland takes one of six cordless microphones for a test from the control room for audio and lighting of the main arena.

Next to this room is the main control centre for all the arena’s electrics.

Solar pipes on both sides of the building will supply enough hot water showers for the many athletes that will be using this arena.

Further energy saving technology using solar is adapted for lighting the surrounds outside of the building.