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30 November 2020

Teamwork and talent on the court

Wednesday 4 November 2020 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Basketball, Sports


Teamwork and talent on the court
Round 2 of the 5X5 basketball continues today. 20110303

A 5x5 basketball tournament kicks off on Rarotonga today.

Rarotonga’s 5X5 Northern basketball teams are the ones to watch out for in today’s round of the Basketball 5X5 tournament.

The Northern team won against the Eastern side in both the U16 boys’ and girls’ team categories and also won 42-13 in the open women’s event against the Eastern side. The Northern men won against the Eastern side 41-33

Organiser Puna John Vano said the first match that was held last week showed that the Northern team had good skills, talent and played well together.

Coached by a former basketball player, Vano said most of the Northern players showed team work and that had been a bonus to their side.

He said the East and West U16 teams are also not too bad, showing potential as they move into round two.

“There are a lot of individual talents and most of the young players are getting into the game and need to be moulded and learn to play as a team - to play a more structured game,” he said.

The 5X5 basketball competition started last week at the Papaaroa Seventh Day Adventist Hall where the organisers who are former basketball players hoped to lift the level of basketball played and hold a 5X5 competition.

Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western sides of Rarotonga are the four zones of the tournament.

There are four categories in the tournament, the U16 Boys, U16 Girls, Open Men and Open Women.

Vano said: “The turn out last week was awesome, we had a lot of team support and people came out to watch.”

He said the main focus of the tournament is development and getting young basketball players to master the basic knowledge of the game.

                - Losirene Lacanivalu

Week 1 results

U16 Girls North vs East: 29 - 7

U16 Boys North vs East: 40 - 19

U16 Girls South vs West: 15 - 18

U16 Boys South vs West: 34 - 14

Open Women North vs East Women: 42 - 13

Open Men North vs East: 41 - 33

Open Women South vs West: 8 - 26

Open Men South vs West: 78 - 19

Today’s Draw and Referees.

5pm: U16 Girls North vs South, Ref: Diana Kimi/Hosea Hosea

5.35pm: U16 Boys North vs South, Ref: Puna Vano/Ran Guides

6.10pm: U16 Girls East vs West, Ref: John Engu/Ran Guides

6.45pm: U16 Boys East vs West, Ref: Peter Teiti/Diana Kimi

7.20pm: Open Women North vs South, Ref: Louisa Tukaroa/Hosea Hosea

8.05pm: Open Men North vs South, Ref: Tapai Taikakara/Puna Vano

8.50pm: Open Women East vs West, Ref: Louisa Tukaroa/Brendon Heath

9.35pm: Open Men East vs West, Peter Teiti/Ran Guides