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Friday 10 December 2021 | Written by Alana Musselle | Published in Rugby league, Sports


Cook Islands Rugby Referee Association receive new uniforms
Members of CIRRA in their brand-new uniforms which were presented just in time for the Raro Rugby Sevens which kicks off today. 21120912

Defending men’s champions Tupapa Panthers will face a tough battle in the pool play of the Raro Rugby Sevens starting today at 3pm at the Avatiu Sports Field.

In their opening match, the Panthers, who are the top seed in Pool A, will battle the unpredictable Aitutaki at 3.34pm.

The Darren Piri-coached side will then take on Fijian club, Yalovata I in their second pool match at 4.41pm.

In Pool B, host side Eels are the top seed, taking on Atiu in their first match at 3.51pm followed by Yalovata II at 4.58pm.

Yesterday the referees who will be officiating the two-day tournament received a timely boost when the Cook Islands Building Supplies (CIBS) once again stepped forward to sponsor brand new uniforms for the Cook Islands Rugby Referee Association (CIRRA).

Just over 10 of the 25 members of the CIRRA gathered at CIBS office in Panama yesterday for the blessing of the new uniforms, which was conducted by Simiona Teiotu, vice president for Cook Islands Rugby Union and coordinator for CIRRA.

He expressed his gratitude to Arama and Vaine Wichman, directors of CIBS, for their continued support over the years. CIBS has been sponsoring the association’s uniforms since 2015.

“Hopefully those who see the new uniforms (today) will be inspired to join the association,” Teiotu said. “As our old members retire, we will put them on the side to do the coaching, subbing and admin work and we will need new refs.” He said currently they have four to six people wanting to join, a mixture of men and women.

Arama Wichman said: “Referees have to work together with players to develop the game together. If they don’t work together rugby can’t work. This is for the love of the game.”

Vaine Wichman stated that “for CIBS we support the kind of association that would put their hands up for a job like this. This is our way of taking off our hats to you and for acknowledging all the sacrifices you make.”


Today – Day 1: 3pm Women’s - Rd 1 Eels vs Bears, 3.17pm Womens - Rd 1 Aitutaki vs Panthers, 3.34pm Mens - Pool A Panthers vs Aitutaki, 3.51pm Mens - Pool B Eels vs Atiu, 4.07pm Womens - Rd 2 Eels vs Aitutaki, 4.24pm Womens - Rd 2 Bears vs Panthers, 4.41pm Mens - Pool A Panthers vs Yalovata I, 4.58pm Mens - Pool B Eels vs Yalovata II, 5.15pm U17 - Rd 1 U17 Mangaia vs U17 Barbarians, 5.32pm Mens - Pool A Aitutaki vs Yalovata I, 5.49pm Mens - Pool B Atiu vs Yalovata II.

Tomorrow –  Finals: 1pm Womens - Rd 3 Eels vs Panthers, 1.20pm Womens - Rd 3 Bears vs Aitutaki, 1.40pm Mens - QuarterF#1, PA2nd vs PB3rd, 2pm Mens - QuarterF#2, PA3rd vs PB2nd (Interval - 20 Minutes), 2.40pm Mens - Semi #1, PB1st vs WQF#1, 3pm Mens - Semi #2, PA1st vs WQF#2, ANZ Dash for Ca$h (30 minute – interval), Costume Parade/Giveaway prizes, 4pm U17 - Rd 2, U17 Mangaia vs U17 Barbarians, 4.20pm Mens - Bronze, LSemi#1 vs LSemi#2, 4.40pm Womens - Bronze 3rd vs 4th, 5pm Womens - Final  1st vs 2nd, 5.20pm Mens – Final WSemi#1 vs WSemi#2. Presentation of awards/front of grandstand – U17 Mens Best & Fairest Player, Runner-up (Captain speech) then Winner (Captain speech), Women’s Best & Fairest Player, Runner-up (Captain speech) then Winner (Captain speech), Mens Best & Fairest Player, Runner-up (Captain speech) then Winner (Captain speech).