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What did Aitutaki residents think of the recovery plan?

Friday 12 March 2010 | Published in Regional


Vaipae councillor

Temanu Unuka

“This is what the people have been waiting for. We should build block houses for the new homes.”

Island secretary

Sabati Solomona

“It is a very good plan. We appreciate what government has come up with. Assistance will now be going to the needy and the recovery of the economy. It is not only a plan for what (Cyclone) Pat has done to Aitutaki but a recovery plan for Aitutaki. Everyone has been affected – even if your home is not blown down – it’s both direct and indirectly. The plan has been done in very good time, everyone who worked on it should be commended.”

Aitutaki MP

Terepai Maoate Jnr

“The housing policy is good. It was a pity government was not able to come in straight away with this. I would have thought category two (26-50 percent damaged home) would get more assistance, but otherwise it’s good. For the private sector the assistance is good but $1 million for small businesses means tourism businesses are only getting a drop in the bucket.”

Tourism industry

member Mike Henry

“Time is of the essence. Every day longer (without assistance) costs more money. If the funds are available, we could be spending tomorrow and moving forward.”]

Ureia resident

Katapu Natua

“It’s a great start. We’ll be better off now.”

Arutanga resident ‘

Ana Jessie

“It’s a terrific idea. It gives us some satisfaction after not knowing where to get answers from before.”

Nikaupara resident

Tukumate Ngatuakana

“We’re happy we’ve finally got some help from the government and now everybody’s heard about it.”

Reureu resident

Tupuariki Puna

“I’m very, very happy, as some people expressed their opinion, they really appreciate what the government has done. The government has done a very good job in giving us finances.”

Nikaupara resident

“We are happy. My house is still standing but we have been sheltering our family who lost theirs, so this will be good news for them.”