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Tuesday 15 November 2011 | Published in Regional


Torrential rain on Saturday kept most people indoors but a few hardy surfers and fishermen took to the reef and ocean.

It was a case of if they were going to get wet they might as well have fun.

At the Kiikii break a couple a visiting knee-boarders and a surfer joined local bodyboarders for small but fun waves.

The small waves made for short and sharp rides as well as super tight barrels.

At the Avana point near the passage a group of local bodyboarders was also having a fun time on small but hair-raisingly shallow waves.

A group of mates headed out on a fishing boat through the passage and luckily dodged an eager spear-fisherman searching for kai moana through the passage entry.

A local fisherman with his takiri (bamboo rod) happily watched the young men play in the waves while he fished probably for ku and shellfish.

Out over the reef, a council meeting was being held by local national oe vaka paddlers who had been training hard out through the day before taking a water break.

The paddlers will conduct their final training sessions through the week before the highly anticipated Vaka Eiva Festival starts on Friday with the Vaka Blessing ceremony.