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Friday 12 November 2010 | Published in Regional


The BCI Business House social volleyball league smashes back into action this evening after a break last Friday to support the International Sevens tournament.

Minor tweaks have been made to the scoring system of the tournament.

Competitive teams will player the best of three sets to 25 points.

In the men’s and women’s social division – all games will run to the clock.

After two rounds of games the Airport Jetz are leading in the women’s social division followed by Turtles Fani Totoys, Bubbles, Top Kopz, BCI and RMD Spikers.

In the men’s social league, Da Edge leads on six points followed by Rama, The Formidable King Tong E Koko, RMD Spikers, Vonnias Vikings and Top Kopz.

In the competitive competition, Stingers lead in the women’s division followed by the Rebels, Turtles Diggz, Mangaia, Smashing T and Te Aponga Sparkz.

And in the men’s competitive division, the Rebels lead the pack closely followed by the Airport Jetz, Vonnias Vikings, Te Aponga Sparkz, Mangaia and BY Man. - MW

Round two results – (mens social division) RMD Spikers beat Vonnia’s Vikings 2- 1, RAMA 777 beat The Formidable King Tong e koko 2-0, Da Edge beat Top Kopz 2-0, (women’s social division) Turtles Fani Totoys beat Bubbles 2-1, Airport Jetz beat BCI 2-1, Top Kopz beat RMD Spikers 2-0, (mens competitive pool B), Turtles Diggz won be default over Flick Boys 3-0, BCI beat Flick Boys 2-0, Thor-pedors beat Vakaviti 2-0, (men’s competitive pool A) Rebels beat Mangaia 2-0, Te Aponga Sparkz beat B Y Man 2-1, Vikings beat Airport Jetz 2-1, (women’s competitive division) Mangaia beat Smashing T 2-1, Rebels beat Te Aponga Sparkz 2-0, Stingers beat Turtles Diggz 2-0.

Round three draw for Friday November 12:

5.00pm (womens social division) Crt (1) Turtles Fani Totoys vs Airport Jetz (Duty: Da Edge), Crt (2) Bubbles vs RMD Spikers (Duty: Top Kopz -men ), Crt (3) BCI vs Top Kopz (Duty: RMD Spikers- men )

6.00pm (men’s social division) Crt (1) The Formidable King Tong e koko vs Da Edge (Duty: Top Kopz-women), Crt (2) RAMA 777 vs RMD Spikers (Duty: BCI-women), Crt (3) Top Kopz vs Vonnia’s Vikings (Duty: RMD Spikers-women)

7.00pm (men’s competitive pool A) Crt (1) Rebels vs B Y Man (Duty: Turtles Diggz), Crt (2) Mangaia vs Airport Jetz (Duty: RAMA 69), Crt (3) Vonnia’s Vikings vs Te Aponga Sparkz (Duty: Vakaviti )

8.00pm (men’s competitive pool B) Crt (1) Turtles Diggz vs BCI (Duty: Rebels-men), Crt (2) RAMA 69 vs Vakaviti (Duty: B Y Man), Crt (3) Thor-pedors vs Flick Boys (Airport Jetz)

9.00pm (women’s competitive division) Crt (1) Smashing T vs Te Aponga Sparkz (Duty: BCI-men), Crt (2) Mangaia vs Turtles Diggz (Duty: Flick Boys), Crt (3) Stingers vs Rebels (Duty: Mangaia-men).