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Friday 11 May 2012 | Published in Regional


Netball Cook Islands and the Ministry of Health have joined forces to promote healthy living through eating wisely.

Netball umpires will be pushing the healthy lifestyle message every time they take to the court in their new uniforms sponsored by the Ministry of Health.

Health nutritionist and non communicable diseases coordinator Karen Tairea says the ministry didn’t hesitate to support netball with uniforms as the sport promotes healthy living and exercise.

”When netball came to us for sponsorship, we saw a great opportunity to promote our living smart campaign and spreading the message to our people,“ says Tairea.

She says the ministry looks forward to more partnership projects with Netball Cook Islands.

Netball Cook Islands president PJ Hockin says that they are thrilled to receive the white umpire tops which not only carry the netball brand on the front but also the Living Smart message on the back.

”It’s just so great to have a much more professional look to our umpires and this is very encouraging for them,“ says Hockin.

Local umpire Punanga Kaveao was impressed with the light and dry-fit uniform which she and other umpires will don every time they take up the whistle.

”It’s really light and comfortable – very professional look as well,“ says Kaveao.

Fifty umpires shirts were presented to Netball Cook Islands who are currently running a ‘whistlers club’ to train up local netball umpires.

Currently there are 20 netball umpires and Netball Cook Islands hopes to grow this number in coming months.