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Thursday 10 November 2011 | Published in Regional


National sports federation members are uniting in a demand for greater accountability and transparency from CISNOC executives, having had enough of being drip-fed selective information.

At a special general meeting of the Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee in Takuvaine on Tuesday night, an overwhelming desire for the hard facts was expressed from the almost 100 people present.

Representing basketball, Danny Williams stood to address the executive board and fellow code members.

He says the emotive infighting occurring within CISNOC at present is getting federations nowhere fast, and what people really need and want to know are the basic facts and figures in relation to CISNOCs operations.

Weve come here trying to determine the facts and not opinions, but we are still waiting for the facts from CISNOC in terms of the concerns that have been raised.

There is doubt as to whether CISNOC can fund its obligations to sports federations, which is worrying members and prompting calls for reform.

Williams says decisions are easy to make when the facts are outlined for all, and urged board executives to be open and frank about the organisations status.

We are still trying to understand what to make a decision on in terms of the facts Im not getting a lot of facts back from the floor. Im getting a lot of personal answers, which I can understand and my feeling is that you (executives) are not getting paid enough, but Im here to vote on the facts.

You (executives) represent us (federations), not yourselves, so I ask if you can cut out the personal stuff and get to the facts.

Williams asked whether there was any point in voting for the resignation of CISNOC executives if the organisation is beyond saving, and accordingly says accounts need to be accurately disseminated first.

CISNOCs new treasurer Dan OBrien has not been able to complete an analysis of the organisations finances in his 10 days on the job to date, but has committed to tabling a full report before the end of the month.

He acknowledged the frustration and confusion felt by federation members at the meeting.

The big thing from what Im hearing is a lack of transparency, lack of communication back to the codes in terms of whats happening and whats going on, and a lack of communication in terms of how we move forward. These are the things that need to change.

Ive certainly heard it loud and clear and Im sure everybody else has it comes down to what we do about it from a technical point.