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Friday 1 October 2010 | Published in Regional


Things will become clearer in the Vonnia’s corporate mixed 6 on 6 volleyball league after tonight’s games.

The semifinals of the knockout games will be played tonight and should sort out the top sides.

In Pool C the Airport High Flyers are favourites while in Pool B it is hard to predict but Team Telecom and Killer B’s look good.

Pool A is anyone’s guess with the top four teams – CITC Smackdown, Stingers, Te Vara Nui and Turtles Diggz all having equal chances at winning this pool.

Following are the draws and team duty allocations for the semifinals of the knockout games to be played on Friday, October 1: 5pm, Crt (1) Te Aponga Sparkz Sparklings vs Turtles Fani Totoys (Duty: Sparklings ); Crt (2) Westpac No Pacz Boom vs Pacific Divers Airbourne (Duty: French Connection); Crt (3) Airport High Flyers vs Manea Foods Boom (Duty: Killer B’s ); 6pm, Crt (1) RMD Spikers (1) vs Sparklings (Duty: Te Aponga Sparkz ); Crt (2) Killer B’s Smashing T vs Manea Foods Jumbo (Duty: Airport High Flyers ); Crt (3) Edgewater Spikes and Tykes vs French Connection vs (Duty: Westpac No Pacz); 7pm, Crt (1) Telecom vs Top Kopz (Duty: Airport Jetz ); Crt (2) RMD Spikers (2) vs Smashing T (Duty: Maungaroa Heights ); Crt (3) Te Vara Nui vs Turtles Diggz Heights (Ref Brendon Heath Duty: BCI Be Cool like Ice); 8pm, Crt (1) Airport Jetz vs Vonnias Vikings (Ref: Zerah Daniel Duty Team: RMD Spikers (2); Crt (2) CITC Smackdown vs Stingers (Ref: Brendon Health Duty Team: Top Kopz ); Crt (3) Maungaroa Heights vs BCI Be Cool like Ice (Ref: James Tuaputa Duty Team: Smashing T).

Duty teams are asked to be on time so games can start on time.

Players are asked to encourage their supporters, their family and friends to come to the Telecom Sports Arena and support and enjoy social volleyball – they might even get a game.