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Saturday 20 November 2010 | Published in Regional


Renowned international trainer Keith Roberts has been pouring his energy into making Rarotonga athletes the best they can be.

Roberts was one of the keynote speakers at yesterday’s CISNOC symposium opening where he spoke about what sport really is.

Before his short speech, Roberts made the group of around 80 participants stand up and do a quick set of hand raising exercises to get fresh blood circulating so they can be more focused on the task at hand – learning more about the power and business of sport.

Roberts highlighted what a powerful tool sport is.

“Sport is universal – it brings people together, generates national pride, breaks down barriers, results in great joy, comradeship and is no longer gender specific.”

“Sport is for all and a health nation – not just for the elite,” Roberts said.

After spending some time now on Rarotonga, Roberts says he believes that the island has the potential to be one of the best international triathlon venues in the world.

“Sport has been an incredible tool for me – it has been powerful in my life.

“It has given me opportunities and I hope you enjoy your sport as much as I do.”