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Thursday 10 June 2010 | Published in Regional


Rarotonga school children will head to Avatiu field today for the CITC Primary Schools Rippa Rugby Tournament.

The event kicks off at 8.30am with the last game at 12.30pm.

The tournament has attracted 45 teams from schools across the island and it’s not just for boys either.The tournament will be played in three divisions boys, girls and a mixed competition.

Cook Islands Rugby Union chief executive officer Ben Koteka is expecting a full on day of action today due to the ‘mass participation’ by schools.

Rippa rugby is a non-contact sport based on rugby.

Players on both sides wear a Velcro belt with two ‘tags’ attached at the hips. And just like rugby, the defending team must prevent the attacking team from scoring a try.

But instead of tackling the ball carrier, defenders simply rip off one of the tags from the opponents belt.

The tag is dropped on the ground where it was pulled off to mark the restart spot and the ball is rolled through the players legs to a team mate.

Rarotonga school children have been playing rippa rugby for some years now and the skills to be displayed today are sure to be top notch.

The public, especially the parents and family of children playing in the one day tournament, are invited to head to the Avatiu field to support your school.

CIRU would like to thank major sponsor CITC and the Avatiu sports association for the use of the field.