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Thursday 6 May 2010 | Published in Regional


Five-a-side soccer teams Black Puta and White Puta both enjoyed wins during the recent set of games running at the CIFA Complex.

But it’s the White Puta side that have the clear advantage going into today’s match which kicks off at 5.20pm.

With a 4-1 victory in the first round, Black Puta is looking at upsetting White Puta who are the current top of the points table.

If the Black can maintain their winning streak and score more goals they could upset the White Puta.

The White Puta outfit will be eager to maintain their first place spot in the table points and a win over Black Puta will be a bonus for them.

With both teams featuring national players, Black Puta and White Puta will battle it out till the final whistle.

- CIFA Media

Results – Waka Boys 2, Virgin Ave 5; Pacific Divers 1, Black Puta 5; White Puta 6, Viti Boys 1; Takuvaine Boys 5, Tsunami 2.

Today’s draw men kick off at 5.20pm – (field one) Black Puta vs White Puta, ref, Maara Kaukura; (field two) Viti Boys vs Takuvaine Boys, ref, Tutai Taurarii; (field thee) Waka Boys vs Bandits, ref, Junior Arioka; (field four) Virgin Ave vs Pacific Divers, ref, Tupou Patia. Bye, Tsunami