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Marcon writes to New Caledonia’s president according to local media

Monday 30 May 2022 | Written by RNZ | Published in New Caledonia, Regional


Marcon writes to New Caledonia’s president according to local media
The Kanak and French flags flying before the third referendum on independence in 2021 Photo: CLOTILDE RICHALET

Top-level contact is reported to have resumed between the New Caledonian president Louis Mapou and the re-elected French president Emmanuel Macron.

The broadcaster La Premiere reports that Mr Macron wrote a letter to Mr Mapou two weeks ago, assuring him of a continued dialogue while respecting the heritage of the past 30 years.

New Caledonia's President Louis Mapou
New Caledonia's President Louis Mapou Photo: Clotilde Richalet / Hans Lucas

In a first comment, Mr Mapou notes that Mr Macron has set out perspectives that take into account the country's history and the need to define the institutional future of New Caledonia.

After last December's rejection of independence from France in a referendum boycotted by the pro-independence camp, negotiations on the territory's future status were put off until after the French presidential election.

The pro-independence parties refuse to recognise last year's referendum result as the legitimate outcome of the decolonisation process.

French President Emmanuel Macron gives a statement at the end of the 5th France-Oceania Summit, held via video-conference, at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France on July 19, 2021.
Photo: AFP

They want direct talks with Paris to attain New Caledonia's sovereignty.

Earlier this month, Mr Macron appointed a new government that is tasked with working towards a referendum in a year when New Caledonia is expected to vote on a new statute reintegrating the territory into France.

La Premiere reports that Mr Mapou may travel to France in July to meet the new French government, including the overseas minister Yael Braun-Pivet.