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Friday 24 September 2010 | Published in Regional


Vonnia’s corporate 6 on 6 volleyball league team Turtle Diggz was the only squad to score over 100 points last Friday.

The team scored 115 points against Te Aponga Sparkz who managed to smash across 61 points.

The huge score has helped Turtle Diggz secure a 2nd place ranking.

But there’s no more time to mull over the ‘what ifs’ of games as the competition heads into the knock out round this evening at the Telecom Sports Arena.

Teams have been allocated into three pools for the knock out competition based on the numbers of wins, losses and draws per team.

Although this is now the knock out round – teams that lose their knock out round 1 and 2 games will still get the opportunity to play while winners move on to play other winners.

Round 7 results – French Connection 67 vs Manea Foods Boom 84, Top Kopz 62 vs Edgewater Spikes and Tykes 79, Sparklings 75 vs BCI Be Cool like Ice 85, Pacific Divers Airbourne 70 vs Smashing T 78, RMD Spikers (1) 67 vs Manea Foods Jumbo 83, Airport Jetz 96 vs Turtles Fani Totoys 68, CITC Smackdown 87 vs Vonnia’s Vikings 67, Stingers 63 vs Te Vara Nui 88, Telecom 87 vs RMD Spikers (2) 67, Te Aponga Sparkz 61 vs Turtles Diggz 115, Killer B’s 75 vs Maungaroa Heights 76, Airport Flyers 87 vs Westpac No Pacz 72.

The following are the knockout pool teams – (Pool A) 1st CITC Smackdown, 2nd Turtles Diggz, 3rd Te Vara Nui, 4th Stingers, 5th Airport Jetz, 6th BCI Be Cool like Ice, 7th Vonnia’s Vikings, 8th Maungaroa Heights (Pool B) – 1st Smashing T, 2nd Manea Foods Jumbo, 3rd Edgewater Spikes & Tykes, 4th RMD Spikers (2), 5th Killer B’s, 6th Telecom, 7th Top Kopz, 8th French Connection, (Pool C) – 1st Sparklings, 2nd Airport High Flyers, 3rd Pacific Divers Airbourne, 4th RMD Spikers (1), 5th Turtle Fani Totoys, 6th Manea Foods Boom, 7th Te Aponga Sparkz, 8th Westpac No Pacz.

During the games this evening, team coordinators will be asked to pick a name of a country at random.

The reason for this is that the Vonnia’s mixed 6 on 6 corporate League prize giving will be held on Friday October 15 and we are encouraging teams to represent the country that they draw ‘out of the hat’ whichever way they like, there will be a team prize for the best country represented team.

Tonight’s draw – (knockout round 1) 5.00pm Crt (1) Sparklings vs Westpac No Pacz Boom (Duty: Te Aponga Sparkz ), Crt (2) Turtles Fani Totoys vs RMD Spikers (1) (Duty: Airport Flyers), Crt (3) Pacific Divers Airbourne vs Manea Foods Boom (Duty: Smashing T), 6.00pm Crt (1) Te Aponga Sparkz vs Airport High Flyers (Duty: Sparklings), Crt (2) Smashing T vs French Connection (Duty: Westpac No Pacz ), Crt (3) Killer B’s vs RMD Spikers (2) (Duty: RMD Spikers (1), 7.00pm Crt (1) Edgewater Spikes and Tykes vs Telecom (Duty: Airport Jetz), Crt (2) Top Kopz vs Manea Foods Jumbo (Duty:Te Vara Nui), Crt (3) CITC Smackdown vs Maungaroa Heights (Duty: Stingers), 8.00pm Crt (1) Airport Jetz vs Stingers (Duty: CITC Smackdown ), Crt (2) Te Vara Nui vs BCI Be Cool like Ice (Duty: Edgewater Spikes and Tykes), Crt (3) Vonnia’s Vikings vs Turtle Diggz (Duty: Telecom)