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Friday 8 April 2016 | Published in Regional


SAMOA – The young woman in Samoa who believes she carries the stigmata has already claimed a major miracle on behalf of God.

After the fire that destroyed a diesel storage tank in Apia earlier this week the Samoa Observer posed the question: “Is it a coincidence that a thundering explosion and a deadly blaze is followed by revelations about a woman claiming to be carrying the marks of Jesus Christ?”

According to 23-year-old Toaipuapuaga (Toa) Opapo, God worked a miracle that day.

“We could have lost so many lives that day but God saved us,” she said. “I didn’t work a miracle, God did.”

Opapo said she was at home at Vaitele when a woman called to tell her about the explosion.

“I looked out my window and saw the fire from my room. Immediately I felt the pain, I felt for the people who will be affected. I knelt on the side of the road facing the fire and poured my heart out to God for Samoa.

“I closed my eyes and I heard a voice saying that the tank won’t explode.”

She added that the wake up call for Samoa is that people need to be appreciative of each other and know that the next five minutes of their lives is an uncertainty.

“I know many people don’t believe me but that is okay. I feel that my mission is to spread the word of God. We will all one day be judged,” she said.

The Samoa Observer interviewed Opapo, the daughter of an Congregational Christian Church in Samoa (CCCS) reverend, who has become the centre of attention since her stigmata story was made public.

Did she believe the explosion on Monday was a coincidence, she was asked.

“I think it is a wake up call for Samoa,” she said.

According to Reverend Opapo Oeti, his daughter’s marks appeared fresh again during the fire.

“I saw blood again coming from her hands, her legs, the marks of the crown of thorns and the spear sign on her side.”

On Monday, Rev Opapo said he joined his daughter in prayer on the side of the road, adding it was the first time he has knelt in such a public place.

“If this is how God is send his message and vision to Samoa, who are we to question it?” he asked.

Opapo’s stigmata claims are attracting thousands of comments on social media in Samoa and is the topic of conversations throughout the country.

From the start, Opapo’s family has maintained that it’s up to people what they want to believe.

“When I first saw the vision, I was confused. I did not think that the messiah would reveal himself to me in this way. I was thinking I’m not a pastor, I’m not a missionary,” Toa Opapo said.

“But me? I’m a sickly person. It’s been three years since I’ve been carrying this sickness. It’s a sickness without a cure. All I know is that Jesus is the doctor of all doctors.”

To receive a vision from God was humbling, but she added that it was also a message to the church and to Samoa.

“I’m just another human being but my body has been used as a reminder because God knows that the faith of his servants are dying. It starts from the people who are heading the churches, the sin begins there.”

- PNC/Samoa Observer