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Wednesday 24 February 2010 | Published in Regional


Dear Editor,

A Smoke Signal published in Cook Islands News raises some issues that need to be clarified. The Aitutaki Cyclone Appeal Committee has stressed from the very outset that accountability for all monies that we receive is crucial. This is to give people the confidence that every effort is being made to ensure that funds collected will get to the people they are intended for – our people in Aitutaki.

This is one of the reasons we have asked those who wish to do their own fundraising activities to please advise us so we can also encourage them to receipt all monies received for accountability purposes.

We are aware that there have been food sales with proceeds for the Aitutaki cyclone appeal being advertised. While it is excellent that some people have taken this initiative, the committee urges them to make sure all monies are receipted and do indeed go to the Aitutaki people.

The committee has yet to receive any of these funds that have been raised separately.

We are not in any position to stop anyone from carrying out their own fundraising activities.

As for expenses that have been incurred by the committee, these have been very limited and consist only of receipt books, stationery and self-ink ing stamps. The cost of these has been met from the Aitutaki Hostel fund. Office equipment has been loaned to our team. Our expenses are limited because people have donated so much to help with the Appeal.

Not one of the team working in the office or with the media has been paid. In fact, no one on the committee is on the payroll. All work has and is being done voluntarily. We would welcome any other people who may have a couple of hours to spare each day to help in our office.

I trust that this clears the confusion of your Smoke Signaller.

George George


Aitutaki Cyclone

Appeal Committee