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Monday 19 March 2012 | Published in Regional


A busy triathlon schedule kept timekeepers on the watch on Saturday as 35 men and women set out in the water and on the roads in Tikioki to test themselves.

Various distance options for the cycling, running and swimming legs of the triathlon meant there were a huge variety of races being run.

In fact, the 35 people competed in 25 different varieties of race, combing disciplines and lengths to their pleasing.

Six people tackled a triathlon that included all the longest distances in the three disciplines, taking on a one kilometre swim, 31 kilometre bike ride and 6 kilometre run.

Roland Neururer won that competition, finishing in a combined time of 93 minutes 30 seconds. He completed the swim in 17:39, the ride in 50:14 and run in 25:37.

Geoff Stoddart finished second with a total time of 98:10 and Taki Anaru third with 104:20.

Jennie George, the only women to compete in the full-distance event, finished in 113:26.

A further six people competed in an event taking in about half those distances, combined a 400 metre swim with a 16 kilometre bike ride and a four kilometre run.

Mark Worthington, the only man of six competitors in the grade, finished with the best time of 62:51.

For the women competing, Apii Napa finished with a time of 69:14, edging out Maitland Christiansen on 73:55 and Tania Savage on 75:33.

Organisers said the day provided beautiful conditions for the triathletes, although the seas provided a challenge for some with high swells and currents making going tough.