Fiji reports 1163 new cases, six deaths - including a baby

An 11-month-old baby is among the latest victims of Covid-19 in Fiji, health authorities said.


Fiji govt urged to scrap plan to amend Land Bill

The political tussle amid a worsening Covid-19 crisis continues in Fiji.

Nauru urged to reverse deep sea mining push

Nauru's government is being urged to halt its reported push to allow deep sea mining in international waters by 2024.


Covid-19: One more death, 266 new cases in Fiji

Fiji has recorded 266 new cases of Covid-19 and another death in the 24-hour period ending at 8am Saturday.


New head of fractured Pacific Forum Henry Puna stresses unity

The new Secretary-General of the Pacific Islands Forum says he will champion solidarity and unity within the pre-eminent regional grouping.

Pacific Islands

Samoa court to rule on constitutionality of FAST swearing in

A decision is now expected early next week in Samoa on the constitutionality of the FAST Party swearing in on the lawn in front of parliament on 24th May.


Fiji Covid-19: 150 cases as NZ and Australia medics prepare for deployment

Fiji's Permanent Secretary for Health, Dr James Fong confirms they have recorded 150 new cases in the 24-hour period ending at 8am June 19.


A call for South Auckland pensioners to step up and get Covid-19 vaccine

A South Auckland GP is happy Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy has dropped but wants pensioners to step up and do their bit for the community by getting immunised.

New Zealand

Samoa's FAST wins first disputed seat of April election

Samoa's FAST party has held on to the first of the seats being contested after the April election.


Fiji Covid-19: 89 new cases, govt says situation worse than Australia, NZ

Fiji's Covid-19 outbreak, fuelled by the Delta Variant which ravaged India's public health system earlier this year, is now worse than Australia and New Zealand, health authorities warned.


Family lives off biscuits as Fiji pandemic bites

Vulnerable families in Fiji are living on a tin of fish or a packet of biscuits a day as the pandemic continues to bite.


Fiji Covid-19: 94 cases, government unable to accommodate

A new daily record of Covid-19 cases has been announced in Fiji as 94 new cases in 24 hours have been confirmed.


Tongan cabinet minister convicted of major fraud

Tongan Cabinet Minister 'Akosita Lavulavu and her husband 'Etuate have been found guilty of fraud.


Puna aims to keep Pacific Forum together

Former Cook Islands prime minister Henry Puna has started his new role as the Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum with focus on the Forum family.

Pacific Islands

New Zealanders Are Flooding Home. Will the Old Problems Push Them Back Out?

More than 50,000 have escaped the pandemic by moving back, offering the country a rare chance to regain talented citizens. But they are confronting entrenched housing and employment challenges.

New Zealand

Samoa to shelve China-backed port project under new leader

Samoa's expected new prime minister has pledged to shelve a $US100 million ($NZ139m) Beijing-backed port development, calling the project excessive for the small Pacific island that is already heavily indebted to China.


Australia Tells Its Citizens in India Amid COVID Crisis: Don’t Come Home

Critics condemned the move to temporarily bar Australians, including children, as unnecessarily harsh, a violation of citizenship principles and a cultural double standard. Officials say the policy is necessary. Via The New York Times.


Facebook block hits region hard

As an Australia-wide ban on news content by Facebook continues, it is emerging just how prominent the social media platform has become for Cook Islands residents and people throughout the Pacific region.


PM Brown defends Puna’s selection

Pacific Islands Forum has been most effective when they have worked together as a single, unified body, says Prime Minister Mark Brown.


Forum chair’s unwavering support for Henry Puna

Henry Puna is expected to take up the Pacific Islands Forum’s Secretary General position in April this year.


University’s local student body wants resolution

The local student body of the University of the South Pacific has put their trust in the principles of good governance of the University to solve its internal issues.


University saga takes new twist

The University of the South Pacific’s Cook Islands campus director hopes member countries will come together and put extreme pressure on the Fijian Government after shock deportation of their vice chancellor.


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