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30 November 2020

TIS tells Aitutaki to sign petition

Friday 1 May 2015 | Published in Outer Islands


Te Ipukarea Society is calling for the people of Aitutaki to sign the nationwide petition against purse seining which is available in two locations on the island.

This comes after the Aitutaki Island Council reportedly confiscated copies of their nationwide petition from shops last week.

Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) technical director Kelvin Passfield said the island council would still like the Ministry of Marine Resources and TIS to go to Aitutaki to explain both sides of the issue before they support releasing the petition around the island.

The island council’s reasoning seemed to be that circulation of the petition should have been administered through them, under the Island Government Act 2013, he said.

“But nobody asked the people of the Cook Islands and the island of Aitutaki if they wanted purse seining in the first place, so why should we go around having a consultation saying why we don’t want it.”

However Passfield said in respect of the council’s request, TIS will not distribute any more petitions to Aitutaki.

The petition at Aquila grocery shop which was confiscated has been returned, said Passfield, so people can go there or Koru Cafe to sign the petition.