Teau-e-roa Peaceful journey

Wednesday 29 January 2020 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Outer Islands


Teau-e-roa Peaceful journey
Reprising her traditional costume performance, last danced at the Miss World pageant in London. 20012819

From the heady honour of being carried shoulder-high on a pa’ata, to the depths of the earth in the Vai Nauri water cave – homecoming queen Tajiya Sahay enjoyed an extraordinary welcome back to Mitiaro over the past four days.

With the support of Air Rarotonga, our reporter Melina Etches joined Sahay, her mother Ruth and her grandmother Tamanu as the people of the island gave her a new name: Teau-e-roa or, aptly, peaceful journey.

‘It’s such an honour,’ Sahay says, who was last month crowned Miss World Oceania, in London. She has a year of Miss World duties ahead of her: ‘I’ll be travelling the world, and my new name recognises and represents my journey.’