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Ready to harvest the fruits of their hard work

Monday 6 July 2020 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Outer Islands


Ready to harvest the fruits of their hard work
An Araura primary school student digs as hole to plant a banana tree. 20070238.

The Araura Primary School students from Aitutaki are eagerly awaiting the harvest of an acre of land they have planted.

Before Covid-19 restrictions were enforced, they had already started work on the land to prepare the planting of staple food crops.

Principal of the school Retire Puapii said the focus of the agricultural project was to teach the children about the traditional farming way of life, when people would grow their own food to nourish their families.

Puapii said the decision to plant kumara, maniota and taruia was to educate the children on how to plant following the “arapo” (a reference to the various phases of the moon). Banana shoots were also planted.

The kumara will be harvested in 12 weeks and the maniota and taruia will be ready to eat in eight months’ time.

All the crops will be sold to generate more income for the school.

“The students are looking forward to harvest time.”

The school also held their athletics day with an inter house sports competition on Thursday.

Because of the current Code yellow restrictions that discourage large gatherings, the sports events were modified and the pupils separated into their school teams.

However, the children and parents enjoyed the tournament and were pleased the day went ahead with sports events that included monkey walk, sprints and relays, added Puapii.

Team yellow placed first, followed by team red in second place and team blue coming in third.