Palmerston House foundation to be laid today

Wednesday 13 February 2019 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Outer Islands


Palmerston House foundation to be laid today
Devoted family and supporters at the site of the Palmerston hostel. 19021205

The Marsters families are enthused with the progress of the Palmerston House site since work started on February 4.

Despite the rain over the past week, many families and friends have come together to give their time and support towards the formation of the hostel.

“The support we have seen from family and supporters towards the construction of our hostel is humbling, and

very emotional for each and every one of us,” says the chairman, Queen’s Representative Sir Tom Marsters.

On behalf of the committee, Sir Tom is asking the Marsters and Palmerston Island families and friends to join in the foundation laying and cornerstone ceremony this morning at 10am.

“We welcome our families who have arrived from New Zealand and Australia to join us today and we look forward to welcoming all five branches of the Marsters families to unite and celebrate the foundation of our home, here on Rarotonga.”

This is an exciting time for the people of Palmerston to gather together and be proud of this historical event.

The hostel is scheduled to officially open on July 8, the date when William Marsters, his family and workers arrived on Palmerston island in 1863.