LETTERS: Spread love and kindness

Monday 11 October 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Spread love and kindness

Letters for October 11, 2021

Dear Editor,

Well-deserved families who are flying back home who have and are stuck here in NZ under the Covid circumstances. You are a taxpayer yourselves and deserve to be respected in the same manner as anyone else worldwide.

Not your/our fault that these circumstances occur. We cannot control these circumstances. But we can make the most of it when it comes to resolving this chaos in no time. So, enjoy being back home safely with your families and those yet to fly back to our Ipukarea.

Kura Tekeu


One thing for certain is be kind, some people have been away from families for a really long time and a lot of work and credit should be given to everyone who played such a huge part in getting them back home.

There was a cost that came with bringing them home so don’t say much if you don’t know everything that took place in the background.

Tasha Dean


No jab, no fly policy

The way I see it is vaccinated or not, you can still contract and spread? Am I wrong? When they promoted this jab it was to eliminate the spread? Now it doesn’t do that, why the need for the jab then?

Those that have been jabbed have you contracted Covid yourself, can you confirm that it actually lessens the effect and symptoms or even the spread of it or are you just regurgitating what you’ve read and heard?

We can’t say for sure that it will do what it is said to do, it is still in trial, they have no long term research ... if anything it seems that this is no longer about our health but more about control and I will not stand for that.

Vaccinated or not! All in all, we should be spreading love and compassion not hate, I’m sick of reading ‘oh I will not sit beside an unvaccinated person yuk or I will not sit beside a vaccinated person yuk’. So much discrimination and segregation, what has our world come to.

Jewel Holford


It is the individual persons choice to be vaccinated or unvaccinated. It’s their decision and we should respect that and shouldn’t question it ... Accept it and move on.

If a regulation has been introduced by a company whereby you must be vaccinated before entering that business, then we all must accept that business’ decision regardless. I’ve been vaccinated, it was my choice to do so. I look forward to travelling one day to another country other than NZ and Australia.

Certainly, a negative Covid test before entering the Cooks.

It just so happens that Air NZ is the only airline that flies into the Cooks at this stage. Don’t scream for Jetstar, this airline is owned by Qantas, they only accept guests who are fully vaccinated and Virgin Australia ain’t coming back anytime soon. This will be the ‘new norm’ for future travel in 2022, who knows maybe down the track it will all change. Just my opinion.

Peter French


Vaccine consultation

One thing you can be sure, should anyone question the head of Health or his family business, which is health, then you will get a short sharp reply as Chris Denny just found out. Sprinkled with a touch of don’t tell me what to do he gave Chris’ concerns little time.

What I wonder is where did he get his health info from because up until being the Head of Health it was just his first aid badge at the Boys Brigade where he is still the Brigadier General or whatever the call him there, Supreme Commander. I guess when for years you have told old men and young kids what to do it becomes a habit. A bad one at that.

People should be able to ask freely whatever they want – this is their bodies, and they should not be forced to do something they don’t feel comfortable with.

Still annoyed Taxpayer

(Name and address supplied)


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