It’s play time for 18 sports

Saturday 2 May 2020 | Written by Rashneel Kumar | Published in Netball


No league, no football, but netball can seek exemption.

Eighteen sports have now received the green light to resume competition after government eased off some of the Covid-19 related restrictions.

Non-contact sports such as golf, tennis, bowls, swimming, athletics, badminton, canoeing, cricket, cycling, gymnastics, sailing, squash, table tennis, triathlon, and weightlifting can resume activity.

Limited contact sport, where it is understood that players might make contact, mostly inadvertently, but where the rules of the games forbid or limit the physical nature of the contact, are also able to resume activity immediately. They include touch rugby, quick rip rugby, and tag.

The fitness industry has also reopened.

The decision was made by Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee in conjunction with Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health.

Committee general secretary Owen Lewis said the remaining limited contact sports may be considered for an exemption. They include basketball, soccer, volleyball, netball, and handball.

“Applications should outline the strategies and precautions that the federation will undertake to mitigate the risks associated with serious injury and safe health practices.

Lewis has emailed sporting federations. He notes the ban on full contact sport such as rugby league, boxing, and rugby union continues to be in force, said Lewis.

This would be reviewed in due course: “Whilst we welcome the ability to resume many of our sports, we also remind all federations of the importance of remaining vigilant and keeping safe during these times.

“Please follow all due protocols as they are released. If Covid-19 alert levels are scaled up, please be informed that this notice will be rescinded and the ban on sports will be reinstated.”

Simiona Teiotu, the acting president of Cook Islands Rugby Union, said they were putting together a programme to resume quick rip rugby in schools.

Teiotu said they were working closely with the schools’ sports committee to ensure students’ studies were not affected by their programme.

He said the union executives would meet later this month to review their position and plan ahead for the remainder of the season and beyond.