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Even match ups at TSA

Saturday 18 April 2015 | Published in Netball


Afternoon netball drew the crowds to the Tupapa outdoor courts yesterday for the premier game between Tupapa and the Titikaveka Pearls.

Remaining games between the two clubs will be played out today at the Telecom Sports Arena in Nikao, where Avatiu will meet Ngatangiia and Arorangi take on Takuvaine.

Games start at 10.30am with the future stars taking to the courts.

The premier grade matches will start at 3.45pm.

Today’s draw – 10.30am on court one under 8 Avatiu vs Ngatangiia, 10.30am on court two under 8 Titikaveka vs Tupapa, 11am on court one under 11 Takuvaine vs Arorangi, 11am on court two under 11 Titikaveka vs Tupapa, 11.30am on court one under 11 Avatiu vs Ngatangiia, 11.30am on court two under 14 Titikaveka vs Tupapa, 12pm on court one under 14 Takuvaine vs Arorangi, 12.05pm on court two under 14 Avatiu vs Ngatangiia, 12.35pm on court one under 17 Takuvaine vs Arorangi, 12.40pm on court two under 17 Titikaveka vs Tupapa, 1.25pm on court one open Avatiu vs Ngatangiia, 1.30pm on court two senior open Titikaveka vs Tupapa, 2.05pm on court one senior open Takuvaine vs Arorangi, 2.05pm on court two senior open Avatiu vs Ngatangiia, 2.45pm on court one reserve Takuvaine vs Arorangi, 2.45pm on court two reserve Titikaveka vs Tupapa, 3.45pm on court one premier Takuvaine vs Arorangi, 3.45pm on court two premier Avatiu vs Ngatangiia.