Arorangi netball takes on Takuvaine for premier semis spot

Sunday 12 May 2019 | Written by Rashneel Kumar | Published in Netball


Arorangi and Takuvaine will be battling it out in the Rarotonga Netball competition knockouts today for a place in next week’s premier semifinal.

The knockout competition will be held at the Arorangi netball courts.

The host finished the weekly competition on third spot with eight points while Takuvaine finished in fifth with only a point.

Tupapa, who finished on fourth place with three points, will play leaders Titikaveka in the semifinal.

The winner of the Arorangi versus Takuvaine match will take on Avatiu in the other semis.

In the reserves grade, Tupapa will take on Ngatangiia while Titikaveka will face Takuvaine for a place in the top four decider.

Arorangi finished on top with 16 points followed closely by Avatiu on 15 points in the reserves grade. Titikaveka settled for third place after managing 12 points followed by Tupapa on 11, Takuvaine (8) and Ngatangiia who failed to earn a point.

Netball Cook Islands general secretary Ngere Puia-Fraser earlier said the knockout competition required a winner, adding there was a procedure for extra time to determine the outcome of the match, if it ended in a draw.

“There shall be a two-minute interval at the end of full time. Extra time shall consist of two halves of seven minutes each, with an interval of one minute at half time,” Puia-Fraser said.

“Teams shall change ends at half time. The centre pass is taken by the team entitled to the next centre pass. During both of these intervals, substitutions and/or team changes may be made.

“In the event of a tie remaining at the end of extra time, a visual signal shall be used to indicate that play shall continue until one team has a two-goal advantage.”

For age group teams, 2 x 5 minute halves of extra time will be played while the senior teams will play 2 x 7 minute halves.


Court 1 – 11am 6U Tupapa-Ngatangiia (Umpire: QB Taripo/Tamira), 11.30am 8U Titikaveka-Takuvaine (Tashi Kopu/QB Taripo), 11.50am 10U Avarua-Arorangi (Helen Tokorangi/Tehauarii), 12.25pm 12U Arorangi-Tupapa (Edith Nicholas/ Vaine), 1.10pm 15U Tupapa-Ngatangiia (Edith Nicholas/Tatari Mitchell), 2pm Reserves Titikaveka-Takuvaine (Teautoa Peua); Court 2 – 11am 8U Ngatangiia-Avatiu (Tashi Kopu/Mere-Jean Piri), 11.30am 10U Ngatangiia-Takuvaine (Romeal/Tamira), 12.05pm 12U Ngatangiia-Takuvaine (Romeal/Tasha Marurai), 12.50pm Reserves Tupapa-Ngatangiia (Kara Matenga/Ngere), 1.50pm Premier Arorangi-Takuvaine (Helen Tokorangi/Luci Nicholas).