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11 November 2022

Isamaela gunning for third term

Saturday 16 July 2022 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in National, Politics


Isamaela gunning for third term
One Cook Islands (OCI) MP Toanui Isamaela has been declared the winner of the Aitutaki’s Amuri/Ureia seat. SUPPLIED/22071401

A former parliamentarian who lost his seat in the last election is making a comeback with a new party, determined to regain his place in Parliament.

Toanui Isamaela (also known as Toa) considers himself a no-nonsense type of person and a straight shooter who doesn’t like to mince his words. In his community, he is known as a humble man and is well respected.

A former Member of Parliament in 2010 and 2014 for Amuri/Ureia in Aituaki under the Cook Islands Party banner, he was unsuccessful in retaining his seat in 2018.

In the 2022 General Election to be held on August 1, Isamaela is contesting the seat of Amuri/Ureia under the One Cook Islands (OCI) party banner.

He admits the journey has been a long and challenging one and attributes his commitment to his wife Mata and their children who have stood by and supported him.

“I believe I have the energy, the support and the commitment to stand for our beloved Aitutaki for a third term,” said Isamaela.

Loyal and committed to his people, Isamaela’s primary reason for running in the upcoming General Election is to “complete unfinished business on Aitutaki”.

He said his strong family principles, respect for customs, traditions and Christian values and love for his home island of Aitutaki were characteristics that form the foundations for his desire to stand again.

“I’m part of the ‘A Team’ and proud to be associated with Teina Bishop and Pa Manuela, we both strongly believe in the development and future of our island and the only way we can achieve that is by becoming a part of the next Government, putting our political differences aside and work together for a better future for our people,” said Isamaela.

Isamaela is acknowledged as a traditional orator, a community leader, active in the church, sports, agriculture and fisheries and has been involved in numerous infrastructure, community and youth projects.

During his years with the Cook Islands Party government as the Associate Minister for Infrastructure, Isamaela was involved in road, water, energy and community-based projects throughout the Cook Islands and Aitutaki.

Good leadership qualities, improved management of resources and better planning processes will be his key focus for a successful third term in Parliament.

With his spiritual faith, the valued support of his family and his community that is embraced by the “A Team”, Isamaela says he is well and truly on his way to achieving that goal.