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Te Are Manu Clinic receive timely support

Monday 13 June 2022 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Local, National


Te Are Manu Clinic receive timely support
To Tatou Vai (TTV) social club donates $600 to Te Are Manu. From left: Sarah Nooroa, Dr Michael Baer, Edwina Palmer, Lisel Nichols, Lorraine von Hoff and TTV representative Tutevera Napa. Photo: Melina Etches/22060801

Te Are Manu Clinic gratefully received a kind donation of $600 from the To Tatou Vai (TTV) Social Club last week.

The TTV ‘Vai Toa’ or Water Warriors social club members chose the Are Manu non-profit organisation because of the tireless work they do in the community spaying and neutering dogs.

“We thought it was fitting that we try and assist them in some way for the excellent work they do for the local animal population,” said TTV customer services officer, Tutevera Napa.

Dr Michael Baer, medical director at Te Are Manu, said: “We really do appreciate this and we genuinely need this kind of support and when we get it, it’s surprising how generous people are.”

“Thank you to TTV social club for your kindness and for thinking of us. This really means a lot to us and the money can be put to a lot of good use like doing surgery and treatment on animals, its a fantastic gift,” said Dr Baer.

Te Are Manu staff and volunteers were kept busy last week at the Takuvaine clinic where 14 dogs were de-sexed.

Many of these dogs were older and some were mothers.

“This has really justified us coming up here today,” Dr Baer said.

Te Are Manu also have on board two new volunteers, Edwina Palmer and Lisel Nichols.

Palmer is here for four weeks assisting with the neutering programme.

“This is great way to help look after the animals on the island and control the dog population,” she said.

In a few weeks’ time, the de-sexing programme will be held at Te Are Manu clinic in Akaoa on June 22.


Amanda Lucas on 13/06/2022

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