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11 November 2022

Crash suspected to be alcohol related

Tuesday 24 May 2022 | Written by Matthew Littlewood | Published in Local, National


Crash suspected to be alcohol related
Police conducted preliminary crash forensics at the scene on Sunday. Photo: POLICE MEDIA/22052309

Police suspect a crash which involved a car hitting a power pole on the main road at Kiikii was alcohol-related.

In a statement, Cook Islands Police said the man, 64, was taken to the hospital unconscious about 4.30pm on Sunday. 

“A blood specimen has been sought in what Police suspect is another alcohol-related incident that could well have caused major tragedy,” the statement said.

“The car, a rental, had struck a power pole and rolled leaving debris strewn for several metres. The crash was called in just after 4.30pm. Police conducted preliminary crash forensics while TAU Network staff worked on the downed power line.”

Other events that occurred over the weekend included complaints of theft from tourists, including one from a beach area and another from visitor accommodation. 

“The Police are extending a plea to everyone in the community to be more proactive when it comes to the security of personal belongings, particularly around beach locations,” the statement said. 

“Incidents of theft are an ongoing concern, especially as they impact on visitors to the island, who are perhaps too trusting of the beach environment. Everyone is advised to be alert to any suspicious activity nearby, including individuals loitering or watching from an obscured spot at beaches.” 

The statement from police urges the public to let visitors know not to leave bags and other belongings unattended. 

“Tourists out and about in the town area should also be mindful not to leave valuables in cars or vans, especially overnight. The risks are not worth it. Keep your belongings safe.”

Police also arrested a man late Sunday afternoon on a charge of assault on a female, after a complaint received on Saturday morning, while five people were forbidden from driving on Saturday night.