Couple say ‘I do’ at midnight

Monday 1 March 2021 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Local, National


Couple say ‘I do’ at midnight
Paelina Pauka and Joshua Passfield, who were married from midnight in Auckland on Sunday morning (NZ time), cutting their wedding cake. 21022802.

These are extraordinary times, when planned events are disrupted due to Covid-19 restrictions and weddings are no exception.

Paelina Pauka and Joshua Passfield were celebrating at their respective bachelorette and a stag parties on Saturday when breaking news of an impending level 3 lockdown in Auckland was announced.

Wedding plans were rushed forward and the couple were married unexpectedly at midnight at their home in Mangere.

Once the news broke about 9pm that Auckland would enter a lockdown level 3 from 6am on Sunday, Joshua and his friends joined Paelina and hers for a carry-on combined celebration.

At 10pm on Friday (Cook Islands time), the couple decided to go ahead with their wedding ceremony with the blessing of both sets of parents.

Invited guests were called, the wedding celebrant Rev 'Alipate 'Uhila and Cook Islands drummers were notified. The couple’s home was frantically transformed into a wedding themed venue by Paelina’s close friends.

Joshua wearing a Korowai (cloak), his groomsmen and family waited patiently for the bride, accompanied with the drum beats of the islands.

At midnight, Paelina was led by her father Paepaerei Pauka Junior towards the groom, their wedding commenced at 12.10am.

Tears of joy were shared by the families and friends who were present at the emotional occasion.

Paelina and Joshua experienced mixed feelings of happiness.

The couple had originally planned to wed on May 14 last year, because of Covid-19 they were devastated to have to postpone their wedding date to March 4, 2021.

This time around they were both adamant there would be no more delays.

Paelina’s grandmother Emere Emily Pauka who flew from Rarotonga for the wedding felt happy with joy and excitement for the couple.

Paelina’s mother Tiare Mata (mother of the bride) who had travelled from Wellington for the event said, “my heart was full of happiness, tears of joy filled my eyes as my baby girl was officially tying the knot to her love Joshua Passfield and I was there to witness this very special occasion.”

Families from Rarotonga, Australia and Wellington who could not attend, were able to participate on live stream via Facebook.

Paelina and Joshua Passfield were officially wedded on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at their home in Mangere.