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Cook Islands $2 note selling for $110 USD online

Wednesday 8 June 2022 | Written by Sian Solomon | Published in Local, National


Cook Islands $2 note selling for $110 USD online
Photo: ANDREA GEORGE/22060710

A new Cook Island banknote worth $2 has been issued in the United States.

The banknote, which is the first of its kind, is made from 24k gold and is currently selling for an estimated price of $110 USD ($169 NZD) online.

Part of a purely golden set of seven, the note is a collectable item and is being sold online at

It depicts the seven pillars of humanity which were created by the Roots of Humanity which is a foundation in the United States.

Each pillar represents a principle or attribute that brings out the best in humanity, which includes love, unity, creativity, freedom, knowledge, courage and faith.

The front of the banknote (pictured) displays the principle, which is one of the seven pillars of humanity, while on the back you can see a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Cook Islander Andrea George holds up a $2 banknote made from gold. Photo: ANDREA GEORGE/22060710

Measuring 65.3 millimetres by 130.18 millimetres, the note weighs 1/200th oz. and is a legal tender in the Cook Islands.

Only 10,000 banknotes have been produced.

Cook Islander Andrea George, who was in Washington D.C recently said the note was one of “the most beautiful” she had ever seen.

She adds that it was partially designed by one of the founders of the Roots of Humanity foundation in the United States, Tom Holdman.

According to, a portion of the money made from each note sold online will go toward funding a Roots of Humanity project which is a building designed to enlighten the heart and soul of humanity through art.