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Wednesday 10 August 2022 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Culture, National


Te Maeva Nui’s ‘high standards’ please Tauranga Vananga
Atiu Enua performing Kapa Rima at last week’s Te Maeva Nui cultural festival. Picture: MELINA ETCHES

Despite being scaled back for the second consecutive year due to cuts in the Budget, Te Maeva Nui cultural festival is still maintaining its high standards, says Tauranga Vananga (Ministry of Culture) Secretary Anthony Turua

Turua was pleased with the performances from the participating 11 teams and those who took part in the international night.

Although some groups did not reach the expectation due to a number of challenges they faced during their preparations, Turua said overall the performances were great.

Some of the challenges the cultural groups encountered this year were the minimal youth numbers, the General Election engagement, the change of event schedules and employment commitments with the increase in tourism numbers.

“Overall, the performances have been very good,” Turua said.

The Atiu Enua cultural team claimed the first prizes in the Rakei (Costume) section for the Kapa Rima and Ura Pa’u, and also placed in the top A category in these events, achieving the top awards.

Atiu Enua’s team leader Bob Williams said: “We are very grateful of the outcome and like any other year, we give our very best. Taking out all major prizes was a bonus to all our efforts from all our Taunga, parents, dancers and costume designers. Everyone was committed and the support from our Atiu people, families and our sponsors has been tremendous.”

The National Auditorium was at full capacity on the cultural nights and there were large crowds of families under the outside Dome, where they had the luxury to watch the entire show livestreamed on the mobile LED screen.

Approximately 350 viewers from overseas accessed Te Maeva Nui pay per view livestream and more people were still coming through signing up to watch the show, said Turua.

“I’m happy with this initiative to give our own people around the world the opportunity to witness our cultural performance.

“Better still our technical team has uploaded the edited version on our new virtual platform for any of our community overseas to watch at their own leisure for the rest of year.”

Turua also acknowledged the international teams living in the Cook Islands for sharing their culture including the three Kapa Haka groups from New Zealand.


Te Maeva Nui 2022 Judging Panel: Convener – Tamarii Tutangata, Assistant Convener - Jeanine Daniel.

Cultural performances Kapa Rima and Ura Pa’u judges - Jeanine Daniels (AC), Mona Taio, Makai Savage, Allan Rua, James Tuaputa; Imene Tuki/Choir judges - Nga Mataio, Kathy Nubono, Jane Kora, Jeanine Daniels (AC), Strickland Upu; Rakei/Costume judges - Larry Tumai, Enua Peyroux, Anna Savage; Float judges - Anna Savage, Melina Tuiravakai (Climate Change representative), Ina Davies and Ronald Patia (BCI representatives) and Larry Tumai.

The Float Day BCI special cash prize was kindly sponsored by BCI: 1st Ministry of Agriculture $500, 2nd Mauke Enua $300, 3rd Ministry of Justice $200.

Te Maeva Nui theme for next year 2023 is “Te Au Manu Puapinga O Toku Matakainanga/Enua – The Important Animals and Birds of My Tribe/Island”.

Akakoro’anga O Te Tumu Tāpura Nui

Kia ‘akararangi e kia akaepaepa ’ia te puapinga e te rongo o te au tu animara e te au manu o to tatou ipukarea. E pera ta to tatou Ui Tupuna i irinaki e te ta ‘angaanga mei po mai, no te turanga Tiaki, Paruru, Arataki, Akatapu, e tae uatu ki te au Akakoro’anga tuketuke o te matakeinanga e te enua. Ka o mai te au animara 4 vaevae, Totoro, Te au manu 2 vaevae e te au manu rere.

Teia tetai au akara’anga: Tetai au puapinga ka apai mai ki roto I te Matakeinanga/Enua e pera kite oraanga tangata; Te au manuia ka apai ia mai ki roto ite Matakeinanga/Enua e pera te tiaki, paruru, rekareka, akakoro’anga, e tae uatu kite apai katoa mai i te maki; Te au tuanga tapu, akairo ei akaokianga oroa na te Matakeinanga/Enua mei te rangokere, tapora manga a tetai au enua; Te au Manu tinamou o te Enua – mei te enua Mangaia e Tangae’o, Atiu e Tavake, Aitutaki e Kuramoo e te vai atura.

Te au tumu tāpura iti/monomono ē tona ‘ātui‘anga: Te au Manu Rere – akara’anga, Kave ite kura, Akatika’ anga kaveinga; Te au Animara/Manu Totoro – akara’anga, Tiaki ite matakeinanga e te enua; Te au Animara/Manu Kai Takurua – akara’anga, Tu’anga akatapu, ‘akaoki ’anga oroa; Te au Animara/Manu Akairo Taura – akara’anga, Apai mai i te Akairo tuatau.