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11 November 2022

Te Maeva Nui performers dazzle crowd

Friday 5 August 2022 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Culture, National


Te Maeva Nui performers dazzle crowd
Pukapuka performed the Kapa Rima item on the first night of Te Maeva Nui cultural festival at the National Auditorium on Wednesday evening. Photo: MELINA ETCHES/22080404

Te Maeva Nui, the nation’s biggest and best cultural extravaganza, hit off to a great start with over 1000 people cheering and welcoming the first night of performers onstage at the National Auditorium on Wednesday.

Keeping to Tauranga Vananga (Ministry of Culture) theme of “Te Au Vairakau Tupuna O Toku Matakeinanga – Traditional Medicine of my Community/Island”, the impressive items from each team portrayed the making of a particular Maori remedy through song and dance

Tupapa Maraerenga focused their Ura Pa’u (drum dance) on the making of the Po’ue as a cure for many ailments including ligament injuries and aching bodies.

The second and last night of performances will be held tonight starting at 6.30pm. The following is the order of appearance: Mitiaro Enua – Ute, Vaka Takitumu – Kapa Rima, Oire Nikao – Ura Pa’u, Mangaia Enua – Ura Pa’u, Vaka Puaikura – Kapa Rima. After intermission Mauke Enua – Ura Pa’u, Atiu enua – Kapa Rima, Rakahanga henua – Ute, Tupapa Maraerenga – Kapa Rima, Pukapuka/Nassau wenua – Ura Pa’u.

The prize giving awards will be held after tonight’s show for: Float Parade/Tereera Iriiri ‘ia, International and the Kapa Haka teams/Te au pupu o te Akauroa, Choir/Imene Pupu, Traditional Hymns/Imene Tuki, Traditional Singing/Ute, Action Song/Kapa Rima, Drum Dance/Ura Pau.