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Atiu wins top Te Maeva Nui awards

Monday 8 August 2022 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Culture, National


Atiu wins top Te Maeva Nui awards
Atiu won the top spot at Te Maeva Nui on Friday, Photo: MELINA ETCHES

Atiu’s spectacular performances and creative costumes helped the southern group island’s dancing troops clean sweep the top awards in Te Maeva Nui 2022 cultural festival.

The group’s outstanding performances wowed the huge crowd which gathered at the National Auditorium on Friday night for the final show from each of the 11 teams.

The performances focused on the Tauranga Vananga (Ministry of Culture) 2022 theme – “Te Au Vairakau Tupuna O Toku Matakeinanga, the Traditional Medicine of my Community/Island”.

Rakahanga Enua’s lively Ute performance got the crowd roaring in support and appreciation especially of the Mamas entertaining with their energetic dance moves.

The theme for next year’s Tauranga Vananga 2023 cultural events is “Te Tumu Tapura - Te Au Manu Puapinga O Toku Matakeinanga E Toku Enua, The Important Animals and Birds of our Tribe and My Island”.

The Costume, Kapa Rima and Ura Pa’u results are as follows. Costumes Sections for the Kapa Rima and Ura Pa’u: 1st Atiu/Enuamanu $3000 sponsored by CITC (Total of $6000), 2nd Tupapa-Maraerenga $2000 sponsored by CITC, 3rd Vaka Takitumu $1000 sponsored by CITC.


Tangata Vainerere on 08/08/2022

Yes, we the Elders and all of our Atiu people residing on Rarotonga are very proud of our Team Atiu-Enuamanu for their grand efforts in the 2022 Te Maeva Nui Celebrations. A sincere gratitude and appreciation to our Culture Team Leaders Bob and Helen Williams, our Committee Members and to all our various little Teams within the Team. And to our most beautiful and handsome Dancers. Congratulations to you all. Special acknowledgement to our Costume Team - Well Done, again. See you all next year 2023. Tangata Vainerere, President, Atiu-Enuamanu Society of Tumu-te-varovaro.