Youth event set to light up auditorium

Thursday 13 December 2018 | Published in Local


Youth event set to light up auditorium
Takamoa Theological College choir. 18121205

For a great family night out, come along to enjoy the first Kinura Tapunui (Sacred Harp) music festival on Saturday December 15, at the National Auditorium.

The music festival is a non-denominational Christian youth event and will be held annually on Rarotonga.

The event was proposed by members of the Christian community, local non-government organisation Korero o te o‘rau (which focuses on indigenous issues), Matariki Communications Charitable Trust, the Assembly of God Lighthouse Youth, and Rongohiva to celebrate the reason for the season ‘Jesus Christ who is our gateway to salvation’ through music and song.

The organisers aim to lead all youth to the Lord Jesus Christ for the “free gift of salvation” through music. They also want to provide a safe and positive environment where youth can express themselves through music and song, to promote family and Christian values through evangelism. The event will inspire and encourage young performers and provide an opportunity to strengthen the respective youth groups within local churches and provide an opportunity for youth groups to fundraise.

The event has the endorsement of the Religious Advisory Council (RAC).

Non-members also support the event and most have confirmed the participation of their respective youth groups.

Kinura is the name for “harp” in the Cook Islands Maori Bible, while “tapunui” refers to a state of being holy or sacred.

A spokesperson for the organisers said: “Psalms 98: 5 reads: ‘Sing unto the Lord with the harp; with the harp, and the voice of a psalm”. This verse embodies the goal of the Festival, which is to praise the Lord through music and singing.

This is an alcohol and smoke free festival, and there will be food vendors and activities for the children.

The festival will provide our young and upcoming performers the opportunity to showcase their talent alongside established local performing artists such as Tuaine Papatua, Tara Kauvai-Mustonen, Teata Nga, Jarome Pare, Natua Teururai, Katreena Smith and more.

Local musicians on Rarotonga and the Ministry of Cultural and Development have offered their support as well as local businesses such as Bluesky, Cook Islands Football Association, Pitt Media Group and other generous sponsors.

Entry is free and the doors will open at 12pm with music playing from 1pm until the evening with 30 performances scheduled to take the stage.

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