The chips are down

Monday 31 August 2020 | Written by Jonathan Milne | Published in Local


The chips are down
Unable to find their favourite salt'n'vinegar chips, Noah and Phoebe Cooling resort to popcorn. 20083019

It may be the best crisis to ever hit this nation: the Great Potato Chips Shortage of 2020.

For the past week, the range and supplies of crisps in the country’s stores have been dwindling. Wigmore’s was down to just a few bags of Bluebirds Originals salt’n’vinegar, ready-salted, and sour cream and chives.

At CITC Supermarket, all they had left was green onion Bluebird Originals, and chilli-flavoured Kettle Chips.

It was a far cry from the vast array of often expensive boutique chip brands available when there were tourists happy to part with their cash – but even in these straitened times, the shortage has been causing comment.

“Ew,” was the reaction from Gretchen Cooling’s kids to the flavours at CITC, “who ate all the chips?”

Cooling says that they weren’t impressed by fancy chilli flavours: “We are a salt and vinegar family.”

At Wigmore’s, the nice man there had tried to tempt her with quinoa chips, but eventually the kids settled for popcorn from CITC instead.

CITC boss Gaye Whitta explains: “There was an unusual spike in sales of potato chips. Everyone seems to be spending more time at home watching TV and eating snacks!

“We have two containers on the ship arriving September 9. So unfortunately, everyone will have to wait till then. There are plenty of cheese and crackers, and other options.”

Of course, as we all know, potato chips aren’t the healthiest snack in the world, anyway.

“Perhaps,” says nutritionist Renee Clayton with a smile, “this may be a chance for people to give them up for good!”